Luogo - Museum

Pinacoteca Comunale

Where Via Paolo Chirulli, 2, Ceglie Messapica (Brindisi)
In the old town of Ceglie, in the nineteenth-century frescoed halls of the Allegretti Palace, the Emilio Notte Art Gallery is housed, a modern art gallery, where visitors can admire the works of painter Emilio Notte, also co-author of the Futurist Manifesto of 1912, which in 1976 donated it to his hometown. He is of Venetian origin but was a nomadic for professional reasons. Emilio Notte is connected mainly with the early Florentine futuristic culture and with Neapolitan art from World War II. The Art Gallery was opened in 1977 in Palazzo Allegretti whose façade, which was rebuilt in 1870, is made of Ceglie stones. It has two large portals surrounded by the coats of arms from the Allegretti and Cenci families. A sitting room has a wooden ceiling covered by a huge canvas depicting an "Angel of Judgment," by an unknown author.
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