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Borgo Antico di Ostuni

Where Via Cattedrale, Ostuni (Brindisi)

The peculiarity of the Old Town of Ostuni, this also called "White City" and "Manger City", is the whitening of lime homes: use documented since the Middle Ages, which stems not only from the easy availability of the raw material, the need to ensure the tight environments greater brightness and freshness dates from the reflected light. This practice has also played an important historically role in the seventeenth century, when the whitening of lime was the only way to prevent the plague to spread in the town. The Old Town offers many picturesque aspects: meet some examples of mansions (Ducal Zevallos Palace, Siccoda Palace, the eighteenth-century buildings of the Bishop's Palace and the Old Seminary), little remains of the Castle built in 1148 by Godfrey III, interesting Baroque portals carved in local stone and entered into the white walls. The symbol of Ostuni is the St. Horace's Spire, 20.75 meters high, work by Giuseppe Greco (1771), with exuberant Baroque decoration.

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