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Museo del Sottosuolo di Latiano

Where Via Santa Margherita, Latiano (Brindisi)
The Museum of the Underground was founded in 1977 by Pietro Parenzan, a distinguished naturalist and an University professor. After his death in 1992, the direction of the building was given to Dr. Michele Camassa from Latiano and the Museum was transferred in 1993 into the premises of the former century Abbey of St. Margherita in Latiano. Since 2003 the museum became a municipal property. There is no evidence regarding the founding of the convent but some archival documents record the activities of the preacher fathers of Latiano already in the sixteenth century. The old church of Rosario is the only existing evidence of the complex; although the time of construction was never ascertained, we know that in 1520 the Dominicans owned the building. During the reign of Philip II, King of Naples, the church along with the convent was called the "Abbey of Santa Margherita". In 1806, when Napoleon ordered the closing of the convents, the structure became property of the Municipality. Then it was run by the Capuchin Fathers who maintained it until 1866, when religious orders were suppressed. On 1st May 1867, the buildings were acquired by the Municipality, which used the rooms of the convent for local offices and schools and gave the church to the Confraternity of SS. Rosario
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