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Pinacoteca Salvatore Cavallo di San Michele Salentino

Where Via Giovanni Pascoli 26, San Michele Salentino (Brindisi)
The "Salvatore Cavallo" Art Gallery, is located in a large building in the centre of the San Michele Salentino city, a few meters from the town hall. The building has two floors, connected by a wide and winding staircase. From the spacious lobby, you reach the bookshop and have access to the Library, which has a space for creative games aimed at younger viewers, an information window for the young and other useful services for citizens. The exhibition outhouse of the Art Gallery, is the town hall, where several works of the municipal collection are exhibited in turns and stored in the gallery. After a period of closure for the redevelopment of works, the Art Museum was reopened to the public, coinciding with the inauguration of the Third National Exhibition of Contemporary Religious Art "The Chosen Form", which can be viewed from 15th March to 22nd April 2012.
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