Luogo - Museum

Museo Etnografico Regionale Pugliese 1600/1900 di Oria

Where Contrada San Cosimo, Oria (Brindisi)
The 1600/1900 Apulian Regional Ethnographic Museum is hosted in a building located near the Sanctuary of “San Cosimo alla Macchia”, which is about 5 km from the town of Oria. The building shows a wide entrance where the finds are displayed and three large exhibition spaces are on two floors where the three sections of the museum are articulated: "World Farming, Social Life and Disappeared Works" with pictures, furniture, artificial scenarios and an extensive collection of newspapers and old magazines. The museum, inaugurated in 2007, came to life from the love of Gerardo Andriulo for his land , who has devoted about 40 years of his life to the collection of artefacts. Credited as the largest in the South, with over 5000 pieces, it is among the richest in Italy.
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