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Museo Civico di Pulsano

Where Via Vittorio Veneto 100, Pulsano (Taranto)
The Civic Museum of Pulsano has been given the "Papal Collection” by donation, which consists of about 600 artefacts from the rural civilization. Previously, up until 2011, this collection was viewed at the "Papale" Museum of Rural Civilization in the district of Crocifisso, in Pulsano. In addition, the Archaeological Institution of Taranto (Soprintendenza Archeologica di Taranto), after setting up the Museum, displayed temporary exhibitions of numerous artefacts found in the region of Pulsano. In fact, the ancient origins of Pulsano are testified by significant findings from the Bronze Age (XI-X century BC) and by the discovery of a necropolis dating back to the 14th century BC. The intense commercial activity between the people of Pulsano and those of Aegean, were also confirmed by the finding of numerous Mycenaean pottery remnants.
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