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Sacrario di Gonars

Where Via Monte Grappa, 150, Gonars (Udine)

Concentration camp at Gonars was made by fascist regime in the autumn of 1941 and used to intern civilians rounded up in occupied territories by Italian army in Yugoslavia. The camp had been built in anticipation of the arrival of Russian prisoners of war, but was never used for this purpose. In the spring of 1942 it was instead intended internment of civilians in Province of Ljubljana, raked by Italian army. In more than 500 people they died of hunger and disease, at least 70 were children less than a year. In memory of this concentration camp, on the initiative of Yugoslav authorities in 1973 sculptor Miodrag Živković made a Shrine in the city cemetery where the remains were transferred to 453 Slovenians and Croats interned and died in Gonars.

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