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Genzano di Roma

Where Genzano di Roma (Roma)

Genzano di Roma is located on the outer side of volcanic crater of Nemi Lake, in Colli Albani. In 1255 Cistercians built a large fortified castle around which the village grew slowly, Genzano Vecchio. Medieval interventions on particular urban layout, characterized by a double crossroads, aroused the admiration of many artists of the time, including Carlo Maratta, who settled here and resided for several years. Among the monuments and places of interest, Collegiata of Holy Trinity, Church of the Most Holy Savior, Church of Capuchins, Palazzo Sforza Cesarini, Palazzo Amerani (currently Palazzo Comunale), Museum of Roman Ships, several parks and fountains. The surrounding natural areas open around Nemi Lake, among Castelli Romani. Genzano is famous all over the world for its "Infiorata", a festival that dates back to 1778, when a floral carpet was prepared for the first time on the occasion of Corpus Domini. Currently Infiorata takes place in via Italo Belardi, which connects the main square of the town, Piazza IV Novembre, to Church of Santa Maria della Cima. The road is completely covered by a floral carpet of about 2000 m², generally composed of 13 religious or civil paintings, reproductions of known works of art or geometric patterns. On Sunday evening the carpet is covered by the procession that brings Blessed Sacrament from Santa Maria della Cima to Collegiata. The carpet is maintained, replacing the withered petals, until Monday evening, when the Infiorata is destroyed by children. Another important event is traditional Festival of Pane Casareccio di Genzano, which is held every year in September and attracts numerous visitors from Rome and neighboring Municipalities. The city of Genzano di Roma is part of "Città del Pane" and was the first Italian bread to be awarded I.G.P. (Protected Geographical Indication).

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