Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa di Santa Maria Infraportas

Where Piazza San Domenico, 10A, Foligno (Perugia)

The Church, documented from 1138, was erected on the site where there was a chapel dedicated to the Assumption, St. Peter and St. Paul of the eighth century. With the construction of the Romanesque Church in the twelfth century, the chapel was incorporated into the left aisle. The facade, with courses of pink and white stone, has a mullioned window in place of the original rose window. The kiosk outside, to the right of the entrance, has a representation of the Virgin crowned by two angels, work by Pierantonio Mezzastris. The interior has three aisles marked by pillars: the central oldest, with barrel vaults; the fifteenth century the aisles, to cruise. The old chapel retains traces of Byzantine paintings: St. Dismas (the good thief) and St. Michael the Archangel, attributed to unknown Umbrian painter of the second half of the twelfth century. After all, a blessing Christ and a decoration inspired by oriental tapestry. To the left of the main altar, the Chapel of the Holy Family, with decorative mural in tempera by Ugo Scaramucci (1924). In the sacristy they are restored frescoes depicting the XVI century and a painting of the seventeenth century.

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