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Museo capitolare diocesano

Where Largo Carducci, Foligno (Perugia)
The Diocesan Chapter Museum The Museo Capitolare Diocesano is located in Piazza della Repubblica, ancient Platea Magna, which is the beating heart of the city of Foligno. Annexed to the Duomo di San Feliciano, documented since the 11th century, the museum is inserted into the space between the transept and the left aisle of the Duomo and the Palazzo delle Canoniche, which was radically transformed in 1746. With the 1923-26-restoration work, the palace was brought back to its sober origins, with the reopening of its double lancet windows and the adding of the crenellated battlement. Fitted out since 2008 on the second floor of the Palazzo delle Canoniche, the museum now preserves approximately fifty works of art coming from the Cathedral and the area of the Diocese. The visit to the museum also includes a visit to the Cripta di San Feliciano, 7th-9th centuries, recently restored. The museum exhibition, introduced by a wooden statue of the patron St Felician, displays works donated to the Cathedral in 1703 that were once property of a local family, the Roscioli. Two portrait busts made by the Workshop of Gian Lorenzo Bernini and a copy of the work of Raphael The Madonna of Foligno belong to this lot. Among the works coming from the Duomo there are the paintings of Ferraù Faenzoni and Pomarancio; while some medieval wooden sculptures, the paintings executed by Bartolomeo di Tommaso, the Tabernacle with the wooden Crucifix by Niccolò Alunno and Pietro Mazzaforte and the Workshop of San Giuseppe—attributed to Georges de La Tour—come from the churches of the town and the surrounding territory. To complete the collection there are silver and gilded copper processional crosses, 14th-16th centuries, liturgical items and numerous reliquaries already held in the crypt of the Cathedral.
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