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Centro italiano d'Arte Contemporanea (CIAC)

Where Via del Campanile, 13, Foligno (Perugia)
“CIAC” Italian Center of Contemporary Art The Centro Italiano Arte Contemporanea (CIAC) was born from the initiative of the Cassa di Risparmio di Foligno Foundation. This Center represents the arrival point of a widespread and growing attention of the town of Foligno for contemporary artistic research, which saw its inception in the 1960s with important exhibitions, conventions, frequent contact with the protagonists of Italian and international art and an authoritative collecting. This is the historical premise the Center has embraced, focusing on the widespread cultural demand coming from the town, proposing itself as an agent to preserve and develop it, and conferring a concrete and dynamic reality to it. The Museum was built in the historical center, where first the Milk factory and then the Post Office used to be. The Museum architecture was inspired by Alviani in collaboration with the architect Zamatti, and later realized by the architect Partenzi. The architectural complex consists of a parallelepiped coated with Corten-Steel, which confers its typically rusty color to the external structure. Without windows, it extends over three floors and light enters from the central skylight, which is held by the pilasters that define, internally, the spaces. The schema is characterized by its simplicity and rigor. Light and Space are the protagonists, the building is located between the medieval apse of the Church of San Francesco and the “Liberty”—Art Nouveau—constructions of Via del Campanile, producing a harmonic impact that unites the old and the modern with a stimulating contrast right inside the historical center of the town. The Exhibition rooms are on two floors. The spaces on the ground Floor are dedicated to hosting displays, meeting points and cultural events, projections and conferences.
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