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Auditorium San Domenico

Where Largo Federico Frezzi, 7, Foligno (Perugia)
San Domenico Auditorium The Church of San Domenico hosting the Auditorium, with the annexed Convent, is certainly one of the most significant monuments of Foligno. Used as stables by the army in the 1870s, then as a gymnasium and finally as a deposit, the former church preserves an authentic anthology of late Gothic painting. It was only after the collapse of the ceiling in 1976 that the authorities started to operate for a real recovery of its structure, work that would be brought to an end twenty years later. Today the halls of the Auditorium are variegated and polyvalent. While its external body has remained unaltered, in the inside two flying bridges—the same height as and like modern twins of the pre-existing “matroneums”—were realized to allow the management of the theater lighting. The internal staging has been designed to allow a polyvalent use of the space. In correspondence with the transept, a steel-structured sound reflector has been foreseen. The seats of the Auditorium parterre are partly fixed and partly mounted in retractable telescopic tribunes.
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