Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa di Santa Maria di Pistia (o Plestia)

Where Località Colfiorito, Foligno (Perugia)

Built on the ruins of an ancient cathedral. The building, early Romanesque Sanctuary is on the "border" Plateau of Plestino. Destroyed together with the ancient city of Plestia (hence the name) by the Emperor Otto III, it was rebuilt around 1000 and dedicated to the Virgin Mary. At the same period are the crypt and the apse (now lost). The nave underwent several renovations and the portico was probably added in the seventeenth century. In the Church it was revered ancient wooden statue of the "Madonna of Pistia", stolen in the 60s. Inside, at the bottom of the single nave, it places a raised presbytery reached by a staircase that rises above the crypt. In 1962 was undertaken in an excavation campaign that was also interested in the Church, within which were brought to light the remains of a colonnade of the Republican period, overlooking the Forum.

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