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Museo naturalistico del Parco di Colfiorito

Where Via Adriatica - Loc.Colfiorito, Foligno (Perugia)
The Naturalistic Museum of the Park of Colfiorito The Museo Naturalistico del Parco di Colfiorito has its premises in the Ente Parco office, in the locality of “Casermette“ in Colfiorito, the small mountain village in the Municipality of Foligno. Inaugurated in 2006 as a naturalistic museum, it is thought of as an exhibition and observation area for the Fauna and Flora species present in the Park. The museums itinerary is completed with the visit to the Archaeological Museum of Colfiorito (MAC) primarily dedicated to the settled population in the proto-history period in the Colfiorito Plateau. The Museum is subdivided into seven sections: the first is the archaeological one, it goes back retracing the history of the territory from the Iron Age to the Medieval period; the other six are focused on Natural Sciences. The section dedicated to Paleontology displays a collection of fossils from Pleistocene, including a Hippo—Hippopotamus Antiquus—recovered in Colle Curti and dated 700.000 years ago. The section dedicated to Palynology—the study of fossils spores and pollens—illustrates the climatic and vegetative evolution of the place in the last 25.000 years through the study of lake sediments, which have evidenced the progressive drying of the Colfiorito Plateau. The next section is dedicated to Zoology, which observes native insects, in particular dragonflies and butterflies. Another section, the one with multimedia corners, enriches knowledge of the bird species living in the Park, in particular the rare and threatened ones, like the “Tarabuso”—Botaurus Stellaris, or commonly Bittern Heron—frequently seen in the marsh, which is renowned as a site of international interest for its climatic conditions of humidity. The exhibition itinerary is now enriched by a new section called “Antarctic”, created in line with a national program of research aimed at constituting an interregional observatory on this continent.
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