Casa Minerbi c

Casa Minerbi

via Giuoco del Pallone, 15/17, Ferrara

This medieval house has undergone recent architectural restoration works.

Of the original internal structure, it still preserves a loggia and four rooms,  two of which, on the noble floor, are decorated with 14th century frescoes by the painter Stefano da Ferrara; other frescoes displaying astrological and heraldic images are in the “Hall of the Coats of Arms”.

Worth noting are also the ancient decorated attics and fragmentary wall paintings depicting an allegory of Venice and a Saint Christopher.

Adjacent to these rooms is the Salon with Allegories of Virtues and of Vices and Months, the most important 14th-century fresco cycles in Ferrara and one of the most famous in Northern Italy, which is owned by the Municipality of Ferrara.

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