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Pinacoteca nazionale di Ferrara

Where Corso Ercole I d’Este 21 (Palazzo Diamanti), Ferrara

Ferrara National Art Gallery was established in 1836 on the initiative of Municipality. Chosen venue was the main floor of Diamanti Palace, whose name derives from the particular rusticated facade, where they were exposed to the public the great altarpieces from churches suppressed by Napoleon, and the paintings purchased from private collections towns. In 1958 Municipal Art Gallery moved to State and thus became National Art Gallery. To original core were added, gradually, other works through deposits, donations (Vendeghini-Baldi Collection) by Cassa di Risparmio who lodged in this Gallery its collection to a wider audience can enjoy Ferrara's artistic heritage recovered on antiques market. It collects works by artists from Ferrara and not just primarily from the fifteenth and sixteenth century. Among them: Carlo Bononi, Serafino de 'Serafini, Cosme Tura, Ercole de' Roberti, Michele Pannonio, Andrea Mantegna, Benvenuto Tisi, Dosso Dossi, Sebastiano Filippi, Biagio di Antonio Tucci and several others.


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