Luogo - Religious building

Duomo dell'Assunta

Where Via Chiaramonte, Erice (Trapani)

Church was built during the fourteenth century by architect Antonio Musso. In pure Gothic architecture, it presents a lively decoration. Vestibule and staircase limestone dating from the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries. The interior preserved for centuries its original appearance, until the restoration of the nineteenth century. The plant is a basilica with three naves, separated by two long rows of tall pillars of tufa, on which rest pointed arches. The ceiling of the chapel was decorated with mosaics and the interior presented, as today, a different disposition of the altars: on the main altar, the figure of Assumption, patron of the Church, surrounded by bas-reliefs depicting Saints Evangelists within niches. In 1852 work began on the restoration, which turned into a real makeover, which lasted nearly a decade. External portal, Catalan-inspired, is decorated with diamond studs and surmounted by a window. A dome crowns the building.

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