Luogo - Theatre

Teatro Giuseppe Borgatti

Where Via Campagnoli, 9, Cento (Ferrara)

In the eighteenth century, the town of Cento welcomed numerous music academies and theater companies. In 1831, the City buys the Majocchi Theatre and entrusts the restoration to Giovanni Borgatti and Antonio Guandalini. The inauguration takes place with the work "The Baron of Dolscheim", and the theater seasons follow each other regularly until 1856, when the Municipality decreed the construction of a new Municipal Theatre, named after "Giuseppe Borgatti", famous tenor native of Cento, and opened in 1861 with "La Traviata" by Verdi. The interior, decorated in terracotta, was the work by the company "A. Boni"; the scenarios, by Digaetano Malagodi and Riccardo Fontana; the curtain, still preserved, by Antonio Mussi. The Room has a horseshoe plant, surrounded by three tiers of boxes with stucco. The Theater seasons included mainly works and, to a lesser extent, ballets and prose. Among the illustrious, Giacomo Puccini (1923). The Theater was reopened in 1974 after a period of closure for restoration work, during which the originary stage was replaced with reinforced concrete structure.

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