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Museo Magi900

Where Via Rusticana, 1/A, Pieve di Cento (Bologna)

MAGI900 was born by passion and particular vision of Giulio Bargellini, museum's founder, has always wanted to share with visitors. Designed as a place for events and relationships, Museum is housed in an old barn of 1933 and has continued to innovate in physical spaces, acquisitions and business fields. Born as Art Museum of Italian Generations of the '900, since 2006, with its second extension and new name MAGI900, Museum has expanded its interests in a more international and contemporary projection. In 2015 Museum has completed its space, coming to exhibit almost entirely his own collection of thousands of works of art in three buildings connected to a display area of ​​over nine thousand square meters. Current layout of permanent collection is dedicated to some of protagonists, art movements and visual culture in the twentieth and twenty-first century. Great historical masterpieces, often required for major exhibitions, are complemented by small collections, comparing different Italian and international personalities.

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