Luogo - Archaeological Area

Parco archeologico e Antiquarium di Castelseprio

Where Via Castelvecchio, 1513, Castelseprio (Varese)
The park preserves remains of the castrum and the village of ancient Sibrium, with considerable evidence of early Christian religious, Lombard and medieval. The site experienced frequent visits from the late Bronze Age and early Iron Age, but became important as a defensive center in the late imperial period for its location: it allowed the control of the road from the Canton of Ticino, the distance covered by the peoples beyond the Alps to occupy the fertile plain of northern Italy. Become castrum, in late Roman times, was the center of some significance in the Lombard and Carolingian age. He was later razed in 1238. Inside the park there is the Antiquarian, a small building with a courtyard known as the Monastery of St. John, the remains of his church with frescoes of the Renaissance. Seems possible in some parts dating to 1300.
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