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Museo civico archeologico di Arsago Seprio

Where Viale Rinaldo Vanoni, 20, Arsago Seprio (Varese)

The Museum collects in its three rooms the archaeological finds from the excavations conducted by the Superintendent in the last thirty years, to document the population of Arsago, and its territory from Prehistory until the Visconti time. Ancient settlement will have testimonies from the Late Bronze Age, characterized by the presence of the Celts and the Insubri. The Museum also houses the paleontological collection "Divisione Julia" (collected since 1973 by Dr. Politi and donated to the city), made up of over 400 pieces, including an interesting collection of Jurassic Solnhofen (Bavaria) and  the Eocene from Bolca.

Museo civico archeologico c
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