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Museo civico Guido Sutermeister

Where Corso Garibaldi, 225, Legnano (Milano)

The Civic Legnano Museum is the result of the passionate researches pursued by its founder, Guido Sutermeister. In the years between 1924 and 1964 he collected, studied and preserved the historical and artistic memories of the town and the neighbouring area. The building, erected in 1928, reproduces the plan of the fifteenth-century summer residence of the Lampugnani Family from Milan, and shows wooden coffered ceilings, columns under the Portico and various both internal and external decorations. Under the Portico there are stony artefacts of ancient and late-ancient age (I-V century A.D.) and mantelpieces of the XIV-XVI century. On the ground floor the exhibition "Antichi silenzi" shows the finds discovered in Parabiago (I century B.C.-II century A.D.). In the small room on the first floor there is the "Sala Collection" with finds from Greece, Magna Graecia, Etruria and the Roman Empire (IX century B.C.-III century A.D.). In the "Main Salon" are exposed three big paintings by Gaetano Previati displaying the "Battle of Legnano". In the so called "Little Loggia" room there are local archaeological finds ordered by chronology (2500 B.C.-700 A.D.) and tomb-context, along with a valuable coins collection (V century B.C.- XVIII century A.D.).

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