Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa dell'Annunziata

Where Piazza Annunziata, 3, Castel Volturno (Caserta)

The Church of the Annunciation, in the homonym square, was erected in the sixteenth century and remodeled several times over the centuries: the current system, including the bell tower dates back to the eighteenth century. The "hut" facade is preceded by a porch: the top is tripartite, with two openings in the center and a large arched window. The entrance porch has three arches and two front side, closed by iron gates of 1886. Inside the porch is the main portal, arched wooden divided into engraved panels and placed in travertine blocks, with the recognition of the dedication of 1533. The  lateral arms reproduce a shield with the letters AGP (Ave Gratia Plena), and the Roman bridge between two towers, symbol of the city, built by the Emperor Domitian in 95. A rectangular narthex leads into the Church. The walls of the nave are punctuated by eight arches, which house marble altars and paintings of Saints. The transept is divided from the nave by a marble balustrade and a small red iron gate. The square presbytery is covered by a large dome, beneath which there is the eighteenth-century altar in polychrome marble, surmounted by an altarpiece of the fifteenth century that depicts the Annunciation of the Virgin. The Church also houses the tombs of some local characters, including Cesare Figliano and Matteo Phoeniciosa.

Chiesa dell'Annunziata c
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