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Oasi dei Variconi

Where Via Torre, Castel Volturno (Caserta)

The Variconi Reserve, on the left bank of the mouth of Volturno river, is a Special Protection Area and Site of Communitary Intrest, with over 220 species of migratory birds, offering a unique nature trail for bird watching and photography. The Park covers an area of about 194 hectares, for a mile inland, alternating a embryonic dune, brackish ponds, reeds and rushes, and flooded meadows: a habitat has almost disappeared in Campania and one of the few intact wetlands areas in Italy. The flora including species now rare, as the marsh orchid and mestolaccia minor. During the spring and autumn migrations, the area is home to many migratory quotas.

Oasi dei Variconi c
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