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Where VIA S. MARCO, 23, Cassino (Frosinone)
Historiale of Cassino has been created firstly thanks to the City of Cassino, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the battle of Montecassino, with the participation of the Italian Ministry of Heritage and Culture and the Ministry of Defence . HISTORIALE was born to honour all victims of all nationalities that lost their life for peace and freedom. Until 2010 the museum has been visited by 200 000 people, among students, veterans and tourists of all nationalities. The museum complex is part of a well-kept complex that offers spaces for topic exhibitions. The tour is adapted to the type of visitors; from schoolchildren to students, from individual tourists to groups. The tourists, accompanied by guides, take awareness from the outside, that they are on a symbolic territory: in fact the museum is located at the foot of the mountain where is the Benedictine abbey, cradle of European civilization, repeatedly destroyed and repeatedly build again.
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