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Museo della pietra

Where Largario San Michele, Ausonia (Frosinone)
The Museo della Pietra (Stone Museum), inaugurated on 2 June 2004, is housed in the splendid renovated mediaeval Castle of Ausonia, the original castrum around which the ancient Fratte was developed, later known as Ausonia. It is an ethno-anthropological museum that aims to emphasise, preserve and diffuse the rich local cultural heritage of the stone, typical of the territory, its landscape, and its history: an asset that plays a role in building local identity. Its collections aside, the museum aims to serve as a permanent research and educational centre for stone culture and the memory linked to it, through the implicit or explicit levels of relationships between environment, historical events, memory and local identity. The main “artefact” is the mediaeval castle, built entirely in stone, which houses the museum and its exhibits of object-emblems of stone culture and local memory.
Museo della pietra c
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