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Museo diocesano

Where piazza Cardinale Tommaso de Vio, Gaeta (Latina)

The Museum, which was reorganised recently, brings together works from the churches and Dioceses of Gaeta. The Gallery exhibits paintings on canvas and wood from the 13th to the mid-19th century: it is the largest collection of works of art in southern Lazio, which belonged to the Campania up to 1927. There are several works by Giovanni da Gaeta (XV century) and by other painters from Gaeta, such as Scipione Pulzone and Sebastiano Conca. It flew on the flagship of the Christian Coalition, commanded by Don Giovanni of Austria, natural son of Charles V. It was he himself who, one month after the victory of 1571, left it in the cathedral of Gaeta Two Byzantine crosses, the monstrance and chalice of Pius IX (exiled in Gaeta in 1848/49) are displayed in another room. Three rolls of Exultet (11th-12th century) and three Chorales (1569/70) by Vincenzo Pontano da Fondi can be seen in the rooms of the Gallery.

Museo diocesano c
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