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Collezione Pollini

Where Via Guido Rossa, 7, Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna)

Car development has also influenced the evolution of society. The technical advances of this complex product have repercussions in those who were the leaps forward made in the area of ​​industrial production and other fields. But how to highlight the close link between the car world and that the various economic organizations? A Bologna collector has tried to answer this question by creating an association that aims to promote the knowledge of the evolution of the habits and customs from the 50s to 2000 through the history and models of cars that accompanied several generations . A way to highlight the subtle link between cars and the world of cinema, fashion, sports, politics and art. This association (sponsored by the Municipality of Casalecchio di Reno) was created by the collector Giovanni Pollini, the "patient" doctor for cars. The enthusiast was able to put together a rich collection of automotive material: model cars, advertising brochures, operating and maintenance manuals, magazines, vintage cars models, and objects that revolve around the automotive world ( the valve radio to mangiadischi, from the old highway ticket to the telephone token and many other curiosities many of which are described in the instruction booklet to the guided tour of the Pollini collection, published in use and maintenance style "vintage", of which I include photos, and which it is available from the collection). There are also many car models that, in turn, are made available by various collectors based on the topics covered in the guided tour. Discovering the automobile world explained through his connections with the story, the characters, movies, music and other important aspects of the company from 1950 to 2000.

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