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Museo missionario d'arte cinese e Museo dell'osservanza

Where Via dell'Osservanza, 88, Bologna

The convent of the Observance, built by the Minor in 1403, the first seat of the Franciscan reform in Bologna, is attached to the church of San Paolo in Monte, which was rebuilt in neoclassical style by V. Vannini in 1828. Were set up in all the Museum missionary of Chinese Art, opened to the public in 1964 and reappointed in 1996, which exposes ethnographic materials collected by the Minor Franciscans of the province of Emilia operating in Africa and the Far East, particularly in China. and the Museum of the Observance. The latter, which opened in 2003, retains the other hand, precious examples of sacred art that belonged to the Friars Minor. They kept important paintings by C. Bononi, E. Sirani Cavedoni G., and U. G. Gandolfi, A. Crespi and F. Pedrini.Ben documented is the Chinese culture in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century: next to the remains of the highest historical and artistic value, including a series of bronze statuettes subject to Buddhist or rare examples of small sculptures in wood from Hunan, the collection includes artifacts of daily use, dresses, embroidered silks, tapestries, paintings and objects that belonged to the missionary friars. The complete findings of Oceania and Central Africa, from which musical instruments and ivories. A section of the museum dedicated to dell'Osservanzaè objects of monastic life and the archaeological finds unearthed during the excavations carried out in the vicinity of the monastery. Among the artistic heritage of note are the table of the "Crucifixion" of Horace James, the terracotta sculpture of "St. Onofrio supported by angels" by Gaetano Gandolfi, some liturgical works of gold and thumbnails of Nicolò di Giacomo Bologna dating the fourteenth century.


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