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Museo Morandi

Where Piazza Maggiore, 6, Bologna

Entirely dedicated to the Bolognese painter Giorgio Morandi (1890-1964), the museum - officially opened in October 1993 - is housed on the second floor of the Palazzo d'Accursio, next to the Municipal Art Collection, in an environment specially adapted and restructured. Born on the basis of section Morandi Archive and Study Centre, opened in 1982 in the spaces of the Gallery of Modern Art, the museum has been created at the Palazzo d'Accursio for constraint executor expressed by Maria Teresa Morandi on the occasion of the donation of the works of his brother artist to the city; and supplemented by the section of the Gallery. The exhibition also includes twenty-two works from the collection of Francesco Paolo Ingrao, purchased by the city in 1985, and numerous bequests, which include the collection belonged to Cesare Gnudi, and some stores, such as small donated her time to Still Life by the critic and friend Francesco Arcangeli. The tour ends with the visit to the house via Fondazza 36, where the master lived and worked between 1910 and 1964, that presents itself as a kind of "memory room" including personal items and the artist of the family. The tour includes a visit to the studio of Morandi rebuilt with original items such as the famous easel, palette, brushes and objects portrayed many times in the paintings. The room in which guests received instead retains the small but interesting collection of ancient art formerly owned by the master. A corollary of the trail have been developed areas of documentation, photos, videos and documents, a multipurpose hall and the museum biblioteca.Il was directed until 2001 by Marilena Pasquali and, subsequently, from 2005 to Claudio Poppi who has redesigned its order with the correct art-historical philology. The monographic collection consists of two hundred and fifty works, of which sixty oil paintings executed between 1910 and 1964, eighteen watercolors, drawings eighty-eight, seventy-nine etchings, two sculptures and two plates matrices exhibited in a philological and dynamic, which aimed to remember the atmosphere of the artist's studio with his collection of old masters of art. Giorgio Morandi has developed his extraordinary artistic poetry with great originality, while touching inside of his research centered on the themes of still life with bottles, flowers and landscape, all the evolutions of art, from metaphysics to informal, painting and drawing inspiration from medieval and modern geometric and more silent, Giotto, Masaccio and Uccello, Chardin to Cézanne. The activity of the Museo Morandi is aimed at promoting its heritage and report the figure of the painter and his work experiences with similar or parallel to his, nationally and internationally, with particular reference to collecting: remember exhibitions Zoran Music. The watercolors Venetians Exhibition of twenty-seven paintings by Giorgio Morandi already belonged to José Luis and Beatriz Plaza Collection, Jean Michel Folon. Watercolors and sculptures, Paul Klee. Figures and metamorphosis, Alberto Giacometti: drawings, sculpture and graphics, Max Klinger. Engravings from a private collection in Bologna, Julius Bissier. Works 1925-1965, The Giovanardi Collection of Morandi, Luciano de Vita. The first etchings. 1950-1956 and Domenico Rambelli. Drawings, Josef Albers.Omaggio to Square-a retrospective, Mario Pozzati with Drawings and Concept Pozzati. The high-profile artistic Morandi was promoted abroad in various exhibitions including Giorgio Morandi. Paintings and works on paper from 1914 to 1963, in Lisbon, Morandi retrospective exhibition in Madrid, Giorgio Morandi. Flowers and Landscapes, and George Morandi.Acquerelli in Tokyo, Vienna and Winterthur, and Bologna, and the most recent Rembrandt and Morandi: changing dance of engraved signs, Efrem Tavoni and Giorgio Morandi. A tribute to friendship and Literature engraved. In addition, to emphasize the shape of the Bolognese painter was also announced the award of etching Giorgio Morandi. The spaces of the museum also hosted exhibitions by artists of the twentieth century and present whose work establishes a deep dialogue with the works of Morandi, be mindful, for example, "Bernd & Hilla Becher" (2009), "In the sweet home: the return Italian Filippo de Pisis "(2009)," Wayne Thiebaud "(2011) and" Alexandre Hollan. Silences en couleurs "(2011).

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