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Museo di San Petronio

Where Piazza Maggiore, Bologna

The museum was ordered by Tito Azzolini in 1894 in two rooms on the ground floor of the vestry of the Basilica of San Petronio, where in the sixteenth century had been exposed to the original core of the collection consists of plans for the completion of the facade proposed by Peruzzi, Giulio Romano, Vignola, Christopher Lombardi, Domenico Tibaldi, Palladio and Terribilia. In the same section the merged dell'Arriguzzi wooden model of 1513, the two models in wood and stucco to the central vault, run by Floriano Ambrosini in 1592. Besides the documentation on the site of San Petronio, the museum houses works of art, liturgical, gradual antiphons miniati.Di particular value of the choral Martino da Modena, GB Tripods and Taddeo Crivelli (secc. XV-XVI); four reliefs of Properzia de Rossi (1525), the marble statue of 'St. Proculus', due to the upper part to Alfonso Lombardi, and tools for the meridian of Cassini (1655), restored by Eustachio Zanotti. Among the most interesting goldsmith's workshop report two bonnets Embriachi (XV) and a processional cross in embossed silver by the Bolognese Baptist Gambaro (1547), as well as precious relics, including the Shrine of Santa Rosalia and Saint 'Anthony of Padua. On the first floor of the vestry is the archive of the famous Cappella Musicale of San Petronio, with manuscripts from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century. The second floor contains two tablets of Simone Crucifixes, fragments of frescoes and a plan of the basilica attributed all'Arriguzzi.

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