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Piazza Maggiore

Where Piazza Maggiore, Bologna

Piazza Maggiore is the main square of Bologna and it is surrounded by the most important buildings of Medieval city. The oldest is Palazzo del Podestà, which closed the square to the north. It dates back to 1200 and is by Arengo Tower, ringing its bell called the people together. To this was added Palazzo Re Enzo, under which opens the vault of pedestrian crossroads. The central part of the square is marked by pedestrian platform called "Crescentone", built in 1934, on the eastern side you can see the damage caused by a US tank on April 21, 1945, the day of liberation of the city, considered historical remains. Unlike what some believe, the song "Piazza Grande" by Lucio Dalla does not refer either to Piazza Maggiore, but to Piazza Cavour, in Bologna, where the singer lived as a young man. During the month of July in Piazza Maggiore takes place the film festival organized by Cineteca of Bologna and Municipality, entitled "Cinema sotto le Stelle".

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