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Cappella di Santa Maria dei Carcerati in Palazzo Re Enzo

Where Voltone del Podestà piazza Maggiore, Bologna

Inside the restored Chapel of St. Mary of Prisoners, built in 1371 by the will of the papal vicar Anglico de Grimoard and turned to spiritual comfort to those who were imprisoned in the nearby Palazzo del Capitano, the English artist Tavid Tremlett (1945 - present) has made one of his wall drawings, combining the art of the past with the present abstract, perpetuating a sense of continuity and rupture at the same time, which characterizes many site-specific interventions in our region (see Call. Reggio Emilia p. ., Palazzo Ducale in Sassuolo p ..). Inaugurated on May 10, 2003, conceptual work has been carried out thanks to the patronage of private Bolognese, who collaborated with the City for its realization. David Tremlett is a sculptor who prefers to sculpt the wall with the colors, massaging them on the walls as support for his abstract works, which arise from a deep emotional relationship and planning with the selected site and its existing structures; its geometric shapes and essential vibrate through the colors and the light, always in harmony with the architecture of the host and that is at the root of his artistic conceptions. In this small space, have been organized as small personal Bookpainting Simon Morley during Artelibro, in addition to being used in the period of Art Fair for Netmage.

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