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Museo di San Giuseppe di Bologna

Where Via Bellinzona, 6, Bologna

It was founded in 1928 by Father Leonardo Montalti from Mercato Saraceno, who, following a visit to the various monasteries of Capuchin provinces of Bologna and Romagna, picked up the material more valuable and more at risk of dropping out in order to preserve it and make it more accessible . Based in premises adjacent to the elegant cloister of Conti (1722) attached to the church of St. Joseph. Here are kept about a hundred paintings and other ornaments from churches and monasteries of various locations and Emilia Romagna, which include works by Peter Lianori, Marco Zoppo, Innocenzo da Imola, Prospero Fontana, Calvaert, Cesi, Passerotti Faccini, Scarsellino , Bononi, Cantarini, Franceschini, Crespi, Gandolfi, Calvi. Among the works of modern (twentieth century), works of Majani and Brindisi. Among the sculptures are worth reporting groups of plastic Zaccaria Zacchi from Volterra (XVI century), Mazza, Piò, Rossetti.

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