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Raccolta di strumenti di topografia e geodesia

Where Viale Risorgimento, 2, Bologna

And 'ordered in the Faculty of Engineering, interesting building designed in 1936 by architect Vaccari. It consists of about two hundred nineteenth-century scientific instruments, including many surveyors and optical squares, a series of levels "Berthelmy" purchased by the Italian Geodetic Commission since 1888, as well as goals, compasses, theodolites and tachometers. To these are added other thematic groups of objects. High interest instrumentation used in the determination of the differences of longitude: a marine chronometer by Frodsham built in London in 1865, a compass, and some of the tangents registers signals to the rotating drum. In the last core, consisting of tools for numerical computations, are preserved tablets of brass of the late eighteenth century to the reduction of distances inclined, a aritmometro and computing machines of the twentieth century.

Bologna, Raccolta di Strumenti di Topografia e Geodesia c
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