Luogo - Museum

Museo d’arte sacra del Santuario del Piratello

Where Via Emilia Ponente, 27, Bologna

In the gallery that formerly constituted the walkway between the distribution of the cells of the monastery arose and had its grand opening during the Jubilee Year 2000, a small Museum of Sacred Art, which houses objects of worship and liturgical furnishings related to Madonna Piratello. Among the most valuable are preserved oggetii two beautiful stained glass windows of 400, probably executed on a design by Guiduccio from Imola. Particularly interesting are the paintings of the four Evangelists (attributed to the school of Guercino) and some ancient manuscripts, including one autograph of Blessed Jeremiah Lambertenghi, founder and first Superior of the Convent of Piratello. They are also preserved a valuable collection of ex-votos in wood, as well as four high reliefs in terracotta (the professor Italo Costantini of Assisi, 1971), a collection of casts that reproduce the image of Our Lady of Piratello and ancient and precious vestments, together with various sacred furnishings.

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