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Museo della comunicazione G. Pelagalli - Mille voci...mille suoni

Where Via Col di Lana, 7/n, Bologna

The museum is dedicated to the fascinating history of the media from their origins to the present day, through more than two thousand exhibits, original and functioning: from the '700 and '800 mechanical music machines to Phonography, from radio to television. The museum is spread over 2,000 square meters divided into different sections of the exhibition. It 'also has a library with an important collection of rare books, vintage magazines, prints, philatelic material, coins and medals relating to the themes of the museum and a film library-videoteca.Il first exhibition industry shows in chronological order and scientific prehistory of the radio, with technical tools vintage electrostatics and electrodynamics, and the evolution of the same from the beginning until 1960. salon in a specially set up and dedicated to Marconi and memorabilia are on display many original pieces by "Marconi" very rare today, as well as a philatelic collection with emissions from all over the world dedicated to Marconi and the invention of the radio. In the second exhibition area reserved for the history of phonography, you can admire the dictaphones and roller Edison phonographs, Pathé, etc.., End 800 and various types of gramophones, along with a collection of over 7000 vintage engraving 78 - 80-120 rpm. The third sector exhibition illustrates the history of music playback through the organs of the '700 and '800 mechanical music of all types (spring, cylinder, disc and punched cards, etc..): From tiny mechanical musical automaton, which is the palm of the hand, the grandiose "fairground" that reach up to 2.5 meters high, the second half of 800. It also includes a section dedicated to the history of film, from magic lanterns mid-nineteenth century until the film at 35 and 70 mm, and one for the phone, by Meucci today's mobile. Can not miss the sections that revisits the history of television and the computer, with examples designed to illustrate the evolution. The room dedicated to the Ducati brothers finally gathers civilian and military radio equipment, cameras, mechanical precision instruments, as well as engines and motorcycles. The museum also features the Hall of mechanical music machines of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the rich and full-bodied library with an important collection of rare books, vintage magazines, prints, philatelic material, coins and medals on the Telecom, the film library-library with over five hundred movies available in rolls of 35 - 16-8, super 8mm and VHS and a series of juke-boxing fifties, which can also be operated by visitors to retrace the history of Italian and Neapolitan song and the work.

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