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Porta di Capua (o Porta delle Due Torri)

Where Capua (Caserta)

Porta di Capua (or Gate of the Two Towers) is a fortification built by Emperor Frederick II on the Volturno, in the city of Capua, where there was the main gateway to the Neapolitan province from north. Its construction dates back to 1234, on a project of Nicholas of Cicala that had great success, both as part of an iconographic program based on the theme of the "Justice", that as a point of reference for the style of triumphal monuments. The Gate and the bridge are today what remains after the bombings of the Second World War: are still legible polygonal bases of the two towers, originally joined by an intermediate architectural body; while, they are preserved at the Campano Museum of Capua many of the statues that adorned the crossing, including that of Frederick II on the throne.

Porta di Capua o Porta delle due Torri c

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