Luogo - Religious building

Santuario della Madonna dell'Angelo

Where Viale Madonna dell'Angelo, 12, Caorle (Venezia)

The first construction of Church of Angel is attributed to the migrations to coastal territories following barbarian invasions of the hinterland. This makes Sanctuary the first sacred building built in the town of Roman foundation. Tradition tells that in ancient times some fishermen found the statue of Virgin floating on the sea, while throwing their nets for fishing. So they netted the statue towards the beach near Church of the Angel, and the statue was thus titled Madonna of Angel. The bell tower of Sanctuary is in Romanesque style and dates back to the 13th century. Because of frequent maintenance required by the exposure to the fury of the sea, the bishop Francesco Trevisan Suarez had Sanctuary totally rebuilt, demolishing the remains of ancient basilica structure and building one with only one nave. The ceiling is frescoed with sacred motifs and contains the scene of the legendary discovery of the statue of Madonna. Every five years, in the week that includes the 8th September, massive celebrations are repeated that recall a large crowd of faithful from all over Italy. Devotion is handed down even with characteristic songs.

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