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Lido di Jesolo

Where Via Goffredo Mameli, 2, Jesolo (Venezia)

The territory of Jesolo stretches along the Venetian coast on the Adriatic Sea and the lagoon of the same name. The ancient name of Jesolo was Equilium (city of horses), while the current name probably derives from a series of errors of transcription of the older one. With the Byzantine conquest of the lagoon area it was created the Venice Duchy, with Equilio as founding and flourishing center. Among the various initiatives undertaken by the Venice Republic for the river canalization, the most important was made in 1499, with the construction of a canal that passed through the new town, renamed Cavazuccherina. In 1930, Cavazuccherina returned to the ancient name of Jesolo and Lido di Treviso was called Lido di Jesolo. From the second half of the nineties, the administration has embarked on an ambitious program of urban revitalization. Lido di Jesolo, a popular seaside resort, is famous for the "International Festival of Sand Sculptures" (1997) and for being the setting of the TV mini series and movies.

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