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Where Jesolo (Venezia)

The territory of Jesolo extends along Venetian coast, on Adriatic Sea. Since 2000, a major urban project has reconfigured coast skyline, Lido di Jesolo, with an architectural verticalization of "buildings-towers" unprecedented in other places in Veneto region. Among the most ambitious projects, an 18-hole golf course, the new large tourist dock and "City of Music". Among cultural and naturalistic attractions, however, are archaeological areas of Ancient Walls and of Torre Caligo, and natural areas of fishing valleys of Venice Lagoon and Laguna del Mort. Among the most popular tourist events, "Jesolo Air Extreme", the great acrobatic show that takes place during the bathing season, characterized by the presence of Frecce Tricolori National Aerobatic Team and several civil and military teams; "International Sand Sculpture Festival", exhibition of monumental sand sculptures since 1997, with Christmas variant of Sand Nativity scene.

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