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Where Caorle (Venezia)

Càorle overlooks Adriatic Sea, northeast of Venice Lagoon. Historical roots of the city lie in the 1st century BC, as evidenced by numerous findings from Roman era, such as Ara Licovia, sacrificial altar kept in the city's Cathedral, and archaeological finds at sea. Today's Cathedral dates back to the eleventh century on a pre-existing early Christian basilica, whose remains are exhibited in Parish Museum and in the rectory gardens. Among the works kept inside, of particular interest are "Pala d'Oro", "The Last Supper" attributed to Gregorio Lazzarini and a particular "Pietà" in gilded wood. On the coast there is Sanctuary of the Madonna dell'Angelo, destination of many pilgrims. Every year, in Caorle there is the competition "Scogliera viva", for which sculptors of different nationalities are called to decorate the rocks of the promenade with sculptures of great value, admirable all year round. For some years Caorle (together with Bibione) has also hosted the art exhibition "Premio Mantegna", presided over by Vittorio Sgarbi. The city is divided into districts: from historical center, the heart of the city, with its colorful houses, a large number of streets call off. To the south of Sant'Andrea district, there is recent Rione dell'Orologio, which takes its name from the homonymous canal and includesnearby Darsena dell'Orologio (European Blue Flag for tourist landings since 1993), articulated as a sundial from the which branch off a series of streets that take the name from zodiac signs. In the lagoon known as Old Valley, the presence of a small beach allows a bathing and naturalistic tourism, with the possibility of birdwatching. Other localities include Ca' Corniani, for Sagra di San Giovanni, at the end of August, where it is possible to taste typical local products; more inside, charming area of ​​Villaviera, immersed in the countryside and typically devoted to the farm, as well as Duna Verde, also equipped for camping. To the north, Caorle Lagoon is ideal for boat trips in unspoiled nature that the writer Ernest Hemingway liked so much, who described it in his book Beyond the river and among the trees: between the valleys and the salt marshes you can still find "casoni", typical buildings used in the past by fishermen during the fishing season. In winter the city does not empty itself, it offers Christmas Markets, an outdoor ice-skating rink and important sporting events, above all boating.

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