Luogo - Religious building

Cattedrale di Santo Stefano Protomartire (Duomo di Caorle)

Where Piazza Vescovado, 6, Caorle (Venezia)

Cathedral of Caorle is located on the ruins of a pre-existing early Christian basilica, as evidenced by many artifacts found. The structure is based on the basilica plant with three naves. Externally the facade is simple and austere, following a predominantly Romanesque style: the side aisles are divided by the central one by two strong buttresses; on the central nave there are two rosettes, under which there are three entrance doors. The interior combines a variety of architectural styles, from Romanesque to Byzantine-Ravennate. The ceiling of the central nave is a wooden truss. Precious and numerous are the works of art preserved in the cathedral. Sumptuous and characteristic bell tower, dating back to the XI century, stands out from Cathedral in cylindrical shape surmounted by cusps makes it unique in the world. Probably born as a lookout tower, it is 42 meters tall and sees harmonious alternation of mullioned windows, single-light windows and columns, good example of Gothic style. The bell tower is a leaning tower: it is in fact inclined about 1.4 ° in the South-East direction.

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