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Museo geoterritoriale di Cantiano

Where Via IV novembre, 22, Cantiano (Pesaro e Urbino)
The GeoTerritorial Museum first proposes a presentation explaining the birth and evolution of the planet Earth, followed by a tour which begins with a clear prologue, the stratigraphic sequence typical of the Umbro-Marchigiana area, which is a prelude to the analysis of the rocks which characterise the territory of Cantiano. The explanation is strictly connected to the forms of anthropisation occurring locally through the centuries, showing the use that man has made of the rocks, how this has contributed to shaping the landscape and how it has concretely influenced many of man's settlement activities and the development of the communities.
But the most interesting and intriguing aspect is the presence of  "Ugo" (Accoriichnus Natans) a reptile suited to life in a marine environment and which probably lived in the Middle-liassic age.
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