Luogo - Religious building

Monastero di Fonte Avellana

Where Località Fonte Avellana, Serra Sant'Abbondio (Pesaro e Urbino)

Its origins date back to the end of the first millennium and are closely linked to the history of the congregation of the Camaldolese. The Monastery was probably founded by St. Romuald in 980. It is mentioned in the Divine Comedy (Paradiso, Canto XXI) by Dante Alighieri, which seems that he was also a guest here. Starting in 1325, Fonte Avellana became a social and economic power. In 1569 it passed to the Camaldolese congregation, after that coenobitic of St. Michael of Murano. Regained its former glory, both spiritual and architectural, the Monastery is now open to visitors.



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