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Museo archeologico statale di Arcevia

Where Corso Mazzini, 64, Arcevia (Ancona)

Built in 1996, the Museum is located in rooms adjacent to the St. Francis's Cloister. The Museum brings together material from the municipal area to various eras, from Prehistory to the threshold of the Roman age. There is material from Palaeolithic sites of Ponte di Pietra and Nidastore, the fortified Neolithic village of Conelle, from the settlement of Cava Giacometti and Monte Croce Guardia. Highlights include ceramics and bronzes imported from Etruscan necropolis of Montefortino Gallico: precious jewelery, votive statues and burial ornaments. Also on show are three boundary stones, two of them found in the area and the third near Fabriano: to depict the Porta Ditis (Underworld Gate). The Museum has a didactic-explanatory apparatus that also makes use of audiovisual and multimedia.

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