Luogo - Religious building

Abbazia di Santa Maria delle Moie

Where Via Risorgimento 15, Moie, Maiolati Spontini (Ancona)

The Abbey, emblem of Moie, was located in the middle of the forest known as "Saint", on the edge of the left bank of Esino river, with the typical moja (wetland) from which the name of the building and village. Probably founded at the beginning of the eleventh century by the family Attoni Alberici Gozoni as private monastery, it was the center of the rebirth of the area. In the XI-XV received numerous donations, to reach an area of ​​about 428 hectares of possession and four mills. The Church was restored in 1524, as evidenced by a plaque on the west facade, undergoing a change at the top of the west, where it was placed the home of the priest, and the addition of the bell tower. In 1600 the Church was elevated to parish. The exterior is in square stones of yellowish sandstone. The interior is divided into three naves, with the median slightly elevated and cuspidata. All naves end with a semicircular apse to the east, to highlight the basilica shape, except the two outwardly projecting, on the north side, decorated with hanging arches in white travertine. The layout of the building, based on the four  internal blocks pillars, reminiscent of early Christian and early Medieval buildings; moreover, the central nave, with barrel acute vaults, and facade with two towers has important precedents in the Marche: first of all, the abbey church of St. Mary of Portonovo, in Ancona. The entrance is preceded by a square atrium, cross covered and flanked by two square rooms. The portal has a  bleachers splay columnand decorated with interwoven leaves and flowers.

(By a Daniele Guerro text)

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