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Palazzo Finaguerra - Museo Civico Archeologico

Where VIA S. FRANCESCO, Matelica (Macerata)

Archaeological Museum is set up inside Palazzo Finaguerra, one of the most beautiful buildings in Matelica, near monumental complex of San Francesco. Of noble origins from the 14th century, Palace was rebuilt in 1710 and preserves splendid pictorial decorations on the first and second floor: painted doors in the central hall, Gallery of Arms completely decorated in tempera with stories of Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar. The museum houses archaeological finds from Matelica and its territory, found during recent excavation campaigns. Especially important for its rarity is the spherical solar clock in crystalline white marble, with Greek inscriptions, dated between the I and II century AC and known as "Globe of Matelica". We recommend checking the opening before the visit.

Museo archeologico c
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