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Museo-laboratorio del Parco del Monte Cucco

Where Corso Mazzini, 7, Costacciaro (Perugia)
Monte Cucco Park Museum and Laboratory The Museo-Laboratorio del Parco di Monte Cucco is located inside the former Church of San Marco, in the historical city center of Costacciaro, a small medieval burgh defending Via Flaminia. The museum offers visitors an itinerary for understanding the main geological phenomena of the Umbrian-Marche Apennines and the pathways the rainwater takes while descending inside the bowels of the mountains before seeing the light of day, at springs feeding the water stratum of the flats below. To simplify the explanations and make the described phenomena immediately visible, a large use of illustrating panels, films and multimedia posts is made available with a computerized system. This allows the visitor to have a synthetic picture of the main naturalistic land risings of the Park and its caves. The museum visit starts with the representation of a cross section of Monte Cucco Caves, inside of which the rainwater runs through the calcareous rock to get down, almost 1000 meters lower, to the Scirca springs. Other sections concern the Orogeny: i.e. the causes and the main movements that led to the raising of the upper crust of the earth, forming the Apennine chain in general and Monte Cucco in particular; the origin and geological structure of the Apennine rocks; the description of the Flora and Fauna populating the area in ancient times; and the vegetation in the park. At the end of the itinerary a scale model of the territory provides an overall vision of the land risings and superficial morphologies. A documentation center on the Carsic areas, collecting volumes and documents related to the history of speleological research in the world and in Monte Cucco, spanning from last century to the most recent experiences, completes the itinerary. Some laboratory-rooms, dedicated to "ENERGY & LIFE"—where for educational purposes the history of energy connected to the relationship between "man and energy" during millennia is presented through videos, scale models and experiments—have recently been set up in a building 200 meters from the museum, in Via Galeazzi.
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