Religious building

Chiesa di Sant'Agata al Collegio

Corso Umberto I, Caltanissetta

It owes its name to adjacent Jesuit College. Construction work began in 1589 and lasted until the second half of the nineteenth century. Today the College is headquarters of Scarabelli Library and Music School. The facade of the Church dates back to seventeenth century, except the portal by Marabitti, which is from eighteenth century in white stone, in contrast with the rest of the facade, in Sabucina stone and red sandstone. The interior has a Greek cross plant with four side chapels. It is lined with marble and stucco. In 1950, Luigi Garbato was commissioned to replace and repaint the frescoes from scratch: new cycle has Eucharistic subject and is characterized by dramatic optical illusions and fake marble. Behind high altar, dedicated to St. Agatha, is a painting by Agostino Scilla that portrays Saint during her martyrdom. On the side walls, two paintings by Vincenzo Roggeri. The chapel dedicated to St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of Order, is situated in the left transept and keeps a bas-relief by sculptor Marabitti.

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